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iCommand features

Included Features

The following services are included when you MAX your phone:

  • MAX|511

    Flag, block, or mark for reporting any telemarketer or bothersome call.

  • MAX|n11

    Customize 711, 611, 311, 211 to meet personal needs and event control.

  • MAX|iCommand

    Remote control your phone and activate other commands.

  • MAX|call

    Hear a better offer before your call completes when dialing a business.

  • MAX|811

    Instantly notify up to 100 people of distress or need of  assistance.

  • MAX|mobile

    Access to your MAX call controls and MAXcaptiva records via your mobile.


Optional Services

Add these optional features and fully MAX your phone line:

  • MAX|insight

    See valuable information in real-time about the person calling you.

  • Web Access to CallCaptiva Calls

    Display, sort, manage, and view your call records via the web.

  • MAX|notify

    Receive notification of certain call events when away from your phone.

  • iFlash

    Instant call notifications on your computer or mobile device.

  • InfoMAX

    See what your callers are doing on the web.  See more about people calling.

  • MAX|sxreen

    Selectively screen and direct your calls based on the rules you establish.

  • MAX|earth

    See your inbound and outbound calls in Google Earth.

  •  MAX|callCaptiva

    Capture, log, and archive your incoming and outgoing calls.

  •  MAX|message

    Instantly send a media-rich email message to the person you are calling.