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Caller ID on Streoids!  That's what people call our revolutionary service MAXinsight.  It will give you a window on your calls that you can't get anywhere else.

Dial a call from your MAXed phone and a window will pop open on your computer showing you information about the person you are calling.

Answer a call and you will see information about the person calling YOU.  MAXinsight lets you choose from a set of "gadgets" and information "widgets" so you can customize the Caller ID window for each kind of call.

Using google earth, calling features, telemarketer, telemarketer block, Nuisance calls, Call Rejection, Security Screen, last call return, *78, *98, Update Center, your call will take you to the place on the globe where you are calling or from where the call is originating.  Use MAXinsight AS you place or receive calls OR after the call has completed using the CallCaptiva and Click2Call gadgets.  In this example you can see the top headlines in Eddie's hometown, Eddie's Facebook profile, and even click the Click2Call button at the top of the page for faster access to Eddie's cell, work, or home phone. 

control panel screenshot
Demo MAXinsight for Yourself
If you already have Google Earth installed on your computer then you can open any of the these links and see other MAXinsight call examples:


Download and demo all of the above

Click here to see the MAXgeoTime Demo